Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monogram LO

So I have decided to start doing layouts again and catch up on my albums. I think I'm only ~3 years behind!! LoL! Layouts scare me and I have a hard time figuring out where to place things & making it pretty with embellishments.

Well, lucky for me a wonderful person on the cricut messageboard named okieladybug has been posting bi-weekly motivation challenges that contains sketches for layouts. Could that be anymore perfect for a creatively-challenged person like myself?! Here is the sketch for 02/18's Challenge:

At first I wasn't too excited about this sketch, but after seeing everyone else's creations it inspired me. I found the perfect picture for this. It was taken January 2008 at Sears when we were doing a family portrait. It is of me and my boyfriend. Here is my LO:

B, D - Storybook Font @ 2.75"
& - Storybook Font @ 3"